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Monday, 30 March 2009

I write wot I like

OK, time to get scribing. I've decided that rather than launch into droves of self-promotion about my plans to conquer the web writing universe armed only with a keyboard (all in good time ha ha ha ha...) the best approach for now is for me to go back to the days of diary writing and just use it to record a few little things in my day that make me smile.

So now that British Summer time has finally arrived, sure the lighter evenings are very welcome, but right now the main effect is that it's slightly thrown our little 3 year old fella's sleeping clock out by that hour going forward. That means that at the moment as my wife has to head off for work by just after 7, sadly he's not waking up in time for a farewell cuddle before she sets off.

As he's still waking up in the middle of the night and heading for our bed, she could be forgiven for thinking that she's had more than enough cuddles with him overnight, but even when she got to work and rang this morning he still wasn't stirring to say hello. So when he eventually stirs around 7.45, he decides to ease himself awake gently by grabbing for a red balloon by the side of the bed and playing a little bouncing game with Daddy. Naturally he teaches me how to do it properly, with some side to side tapping followed by pulling a few funny faces. We continue on chuckling away merrily for a few minutes, and then something dawns on him. He whispers "I like mummy best", and his little face starts to break into a whimper...."I want a cuddle". One big hug and all's well again, we're off for breakfast and our daily dose of Takeshi's castle on the telly.

I find it so fascinating how even from such a young age we can go through such a wave of different emotions all in one moment, and at the same time as a parent, how one little person has the power to put the most complex troubles into perspective in an instant. I can't think of a better way to start a day....

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  1. I used to hate the clocks going back or forward wehn my kids were babies :)


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