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Friday, 3 April 2009

Wii fit schmee fit, try the Chim Chim Cherooo work out!

For me, you can try all the latest and greatest entertainment gadgets you like to help with entertaining your children but sometimes the simplest things are the best.

The phenomenal success of the WII Console and particularly the WII fit, owes much to the fact that it encourages interactive and energetic play, something that all the family can do together.

But as I don't have one of these to hand, as tempting as it may be to sit them down in front of the telly for a quiet moment or three, it doesn't always have to be passive. Over Christmas we managed to catch the last part of Mary Poppins and recorded it on our digibox, including the classic roof top cocker ney Chimney sweeping dance shenanigans of the legendary Dick Van Dyke "SCCHHHTEPPP in time, all me pals, Muuurry Powpins!"

Despite its creaking age and almost laughable "special effects" by any moderen standards, it still amazes me every time just how much our little man loves it. So there I am moping in the chair, worn out from the day, thinking I'll just put this on that'll use up half an hour before babba's bath time. Then as they head up to the rooftops, little man gets up on his feet, and starts a little gig. Before I know it, we're both dancing around the living room like a couple of goofballs doing our best to reinact all the tumbles and swings and rooftop leapery that's going on before our eyes.

Again! Again! - what a fantastic work out; 15 minutes of hard core dancing, helping him with handstands and backlifts - that cheeky shared sense of enjoying the moment

Supercalifragilistic dancing was atrocious - but these are the things to treasure!!


  1. Interesting post. I spend about 15 minutes per day attached to my mp3 player and I dance as I am doing things around the house. I never really thought of the fitness angle, but it certainly makes things less boring.

  2. We have the wii fit & LOVE it... but we also like to dance like dorks around the house...: )
    What a super AWESOME blog! ; )


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