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Monday, 13 April 2009

Treasured moments from the Easter holidays

I always look forward to spending the extended weekend with the family at Easter time. After a couple of days visiting our family and friends in Scunthorpe and up in Leeds, we set out for a local day out on Easter Sunday. Sadly, as always seems to be the case with our weather, the day never delivered the promised sunshine, instead a mixture of damp and drizzly stuff all day long.

In the end after a bit of a drive around, we settled on a visit to Doddington Hall Farm shop and cafe for a spot of lunch. They weren't coping too well with the extra visitor numbers, the coffee machine was broken and the only seating to spare was outside in the showery conditions. But, what they did have was a selection of golfing umbrellas, and as luck would have it, we managed to find one adorned with pretty much all the colours of the rainbow. Now these are the times when you need to zoom in a little, to appreciate the sheer delight that the simplest things in this life can bring. There we were, little man and me, sitting at our little wooden table tucked safe and warm under the brolly. As I twizzled it around, his little face was beaming, reflecting all the different colours swirling around above him.

We were singing in the rainbow, floating it up in the air Mary Poppins style one moment, then tucking right down under it. A couple of bottles of water became skittles, each coloured segment of the umbrella taking turns to be used to knock them over. Two hungry boys just having a laugh together, nothing on earth more precious to me that shared moments like these....

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  1. Beautiful story and when he is 29 and 6' 2" tall, he will still look at rainbows and think of that day :) (mine does)


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