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Monday, 12 October 2009

Turning trickles into streams to achieve writing dreams

Most probably I'm just getting myself befuddled and in a state of panic about my earning prospects, but now that I'm really probing into this online writing universe, it does s peem that I'm getting the same message consistently.

There are literally no quick routes, shortcuts, time savers out there, all you can do is keep plugging away, building a network of contacts, reading and rating as ever.

The whole idea of a passive income stream now seems laughably unachievable within the time frames I've set myself, and all the don't quit your day job thoughts are very much back in the picture. It does seem you can go to an awful lot of trouble to promote your work for very little impact at least in the first say 100 or so years! Who knows perhaps internet generations of the future will be the first to discover the true majesty of my reviews about the Holiday inn stevenage and the like

Either way, I'm positive about two things - one is that I always enjoy the writing time the most and there's no reason not to continue in that way. Just need to lose that expectation that it's all going to happen in a week, month etc.

The second thing is that I can change the way I look at my current work situation. Sure it's a mind-numbing set of processes and problems that I'm wading through, but in the end effect, I still get paid the same good standard of money, and there really is nothing to stop me structuring my spare time to get writing -

So as riveting a read as this no doubt already is , let this be the day when I got real about it, chilled out about it, and started just getting on with it.

The grass is not greener on the other side of the IT fence, its a little wilder, a little more overgrown and you are at least allowed to tend to it , when it suits you. Maybe that's the best way of all

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