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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The power of connections - running for Epilepsy research

So back to work today, over into our Birmingham office this morning, and once again another remarkable connection made in the chain of good causes that this blog has opened my eyes to.

In my recent posts, I've written about the London Marathon, written about Serene Low's fantastic epilepsy awareness blog and on comedian Russell Howard running for the National Society for Epilepsy charity.

As a new month begins I've totalled up the available online earnings funds and am in the process of sorting out donations to the charities I've highlighted in the last couple of weeks.

Then whilst in the office canteen getting my morning tea and toast, there I see a small notice plaque about one of my UK based work colleagues Mark Pickard, running in the London Marathon on behalf of Epilepsy Research UK.  tear off a strip of paper with the fundraising website address


Here in their own words are their reasons for taking part on behalf their son Harry.

"We have decided to run the London marathon this year TOGETHER! and we are running for the charity Epilepsy Research UK, for a cause that mean a lot to us.

Harry is a very happy and healthy 9 year old, but in 2005 he started to collapse for no apparent reason, at first it was thought he was having "normal" childhood feberal convulsions, however as the frequency and severity of these collapses increased further tests diagnosed Epilepsy. Our worst fears were realised as Fiona has had live through her father having Epilepsy for over 30 years. However Harry's type of Epilepsy has now been diagnosed (Atonic) and he has been treated successfully for over 4 now and we have had only a few recurrences. Hopefully he will grow out of his Epilepsy, but he may well have to be on medication for some time maybe indefinitely. However both Harry and his Grandfather are very well, and we have no reason to think that Epilepsy will adversely effect their lives.

However the experience has motivated us to try and repay in some way the support we have had in diagnosing Harry's Epilepsy, and we have decided to try and lug our bodies around the streets of London on the 25th of April.

Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to Epilepsy Research UK. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charities behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

Thanks for you support

Mark and Fiona Pickard"

It really is great working within such a large corporate environment to link up with new people and to be able to show support for the fantastic causes they are involved with, so thanks again Mark for allowing me to share this with my blogging network!

Please do take a look, and then  pass on across your own social and blogging networks, and hopefully the positive messages and awareness will continue to gather momentum.

Once again, hoping to announce the latest round of donations in the next couple of days, so will keep you posted!


  1. My uncle has epilepsy. Kudos to you and your blog.

  2. Wonderful selfless work! Hope Harry outgrows his epilepsy.

  3. Thanks to you both for your kind comments and the follows!

  4. I found you just now on Glynis Smy's blog. I liked what you came up with there on CHARITY.

    I like blogs that are inspirational, and so I'm going to follow you.


  5. Thanks Ann, really great to welcome you here, just let me know if there are any special charities or causes that you would like me to highlight here!


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