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Monday, 3 May 2010

Going the Distance!

Well another very busy but hugely enjoyable family weekend for me, so sorry I haven't had much time to write and catch up with my fellow bloggers

In amongst grass cutting duties, swimming lessons, and numerous trips out chasing after our ever energetic young "son"shine, I even managed to squeeze in a 7 mile run on the treadmill, but frankly those exertions seem ridiculously insignificant in comparison with the super human efforts of Ivor and his team pictured above.

As you'll hopefully already have seen in my recent blog entries, over the last four days, Ivor and friends have been running a phenomenal 90Kilometres (56 miles) from London to Brighton, to raise money for the Children on the Austistic Spectrum Parents association or CASPA.

By all accounts they've had to battle through the very worst of British May Bank Holiday weekend conditions with howling winds , rain and mud to contend with all along the route.

From the update reports on facebook I know they had reached the 70KM mark by late last night, and were hoping to be in Brighton by 3pm today.

I have absolutely doubt they've made it by now, and hopefully they are  enjoying a very well earned rest in a deckchair, icecreams in hand, the works!!

For the very latest please take a look on the blog,

Show your support and join up with the facebook group at:

STOP PRESS : Here they are at the finish line in Brighton - what an achievement!!

Or to make a donation on :

From one of Ivor's most recent updates looks like they've raised well over £3000 which should go along way towards a new club facility for the kids. What a fantastic example to us all!


  1. Fantastic effort, and for a wonderful cause! This weekend, here in my hometown, we had a walk/run to raise money for M.S. It was a sultry, hot summer day, so we got quite a nice turnout.

  2. thanks marty, and very well done to you over the weekend!! really think its time I started getting a fundraising run in the pipeline again!


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