Hello and a very warm welcome to my newly relaunched blog. I'm Paul a 40 year old family man from the UK. In this complex, information overload 21st century world, too often we lose sight of what's really important. Here I want to celebrate life, share inspirational stories, throw the spotlight on charities and causes close to my heart. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

The importance of setting goals

As I wrote about in my previous blog entry about the Great North Run, setting out clear goals and committing to them is a great way to get motivated. As soon as you've entered and you know that charities are depending on you, it's amazing the difference that can make.

So on that theme I think it's time I set out some real targets for developing this blog.

1) Charity earnings 

Pooling together all the money I make from review writing, as well as survey sites, cashback site earnings etc, I'm setting out to raise a minimum of £1000 per year. I'll be providing a breakdown of earnings to date at least once a month and the causes I'm going to support.

2) Writing every day 

I am determined to keep writing  at least one entry on here every day (with the exception of a few days holiday a year). Having managed to keep a daily diary for 11 years I know how tricky that can be, but I'm determined to keep it going.

3) Gain 300 followers  

Building a community and support network is key for this blog. I really want to make this as interactive as possible and so I'm going to make sure I get involved with as many other bloggers with common interests as I can. I'm hoping to get at least 300 followers by the end of this year.

So on that final point, I'd really appreciate feedback and suggestions from the experienced bloggers out there. If you like what I'm trying to do I would love to bring you along for the ride. If you know other like-minded people in your own networks it'd be fantastic if you could point them this way.

Look forward to hearing from you all!


  1. Hey! This is Zoey from Triond. How are you? I was wondering why you had no recent articles. The blog explains it. Nice work.:)

    You have taken on quite a noble cause. I am afraid I am still in the make a living for yourself phase (I am just making a name for me as a writer) but I will definitely be taking on causes like this after I actually make money.

    Keep up the good work.
    Zoey Clark

  2. Hey Zoey, really nice to here from you. Yes don't think I'll be on Triond to much in the near future, as I'm planning to publish thing first - I really hope the writing takes off for you and I'll keep looking in on your work from time to time




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