Hello and a very warm welcome to my newly relaunched blog. I'm Paul a 40 year old family man from the UK. In this complex, information overload 21st century world, too often we lose sight of what's really important. Here I want to celebrate life, share inspirational stories, throw the spotlight on charities and causes close to my heart. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

One week in - now let's get this party started!

One week into my Make a Difference blog relaunch. 

So I've sent out all the invites, it's early evening, I'm sat in the kitchen waiting for the doorbell to ring and those first guests to arrive...

In this case the invites being a quick plug on twitter, a status update on facebook and a couple of entries on dooyoo and triond forums. But now I'm starting to wonder, have I got enough party food in, are we ok for drinks, frankly is anyone going to turn up?!

So particularly as I've not had time or chance to spruce up those pages or add any bells and whistles, I think the best I can do is just  keep setting out what I'm aiming to do here, and in the meantime go visit plenty of other blogs and get involved.

One of the best bits about reviewing I have found aside from the instant feedback you get, is the chance to build up contacts through leaving comments. It really means something when people take the time out to say hello and give there own take on what you are saying.

So I'm really hoping one or two of the experienced bloggers out there will be kind enough to help point this raw beginner in the right direction - because in the end, as much as I'm doing this because of the love of writing, it's much more about getting the message out there, in the way I want.

Now I will be highlighting some very real and important charitable causes over the weeks and months, but as serious as the messages will be, I still want to maintain that positive sense of fun, because I firmly believe raising smiles and laughter always needs to go hand in hand with raising vital funds. 

My plans for the next week include highlighting the first of the good causes I'm going to be donating to, plus a round up of the money I've already earned / am due to cash in, so I can start strongly towards that £1000 target. By the end of April, I'm hoping to be able to announce the first phase of donations from me.

Please stick with me - Together we can make a difference.

Thanks for reading!

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