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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Let's get back to the feel good factor!

The moment I first held my son in my arms.

The magical sight of my wife walking down the aisle.

Immeasurable joy.

But those untouchable life moments aside, I'm telling you right now, the euphoria and sense of contentment I'm feeling day in day out just now has rarely been matched in my lifetime.

The thing is it's not like I've discovered the cure to all known ills or the key to eternal life.

This is something breathtakingly simple. Something well within reach of pretty much anyone lucky enough to have access to the internet and a few minutes of spare time everyday.

I really can't tell you how truly empowering it is to know that every single 10 minute survey, every read of a review I get, every cashback purchase I make, gives me a new opportunity to make a difference.

The pennies that become pounds, the scraps of pocket money that are transformed into something real, that can reach out and help. The response I've had so far from other review community writers has been very encouraging, and  the more I consider it the more I can see that the possibilities really are more far reaching than any one individual can possibly take in.

The excitement, the sense of wonder feels like Christmas Eve. I get to be Santa, I get to spread the joy as wide and as far as I can, there really are no limits.

I picked up a penny today.

As it happens ever since my kid was born, I've made a habit of picking up every penny or scrap of money I've found on the streets. You know what, in 4 years I've picked up a grand total of £89.18. That might not sound a lot but really how much effort did it take  -and in 50 years that could be a thousand pounds.

My point is this.

Clicking, rating, surveying are things that we can all do in our spare time, fit in around our lives. If this blog, if my words encourage even just one person to give this a try that could be another £1000 a year earned for charities,  maybe as much as £100,000 in a lifetime. If 100 people do it , that's £10 million, if 10,000 do it that's a Billion pounds. 10,000 people , there are small villages with bigger populations.

Take it from me as someone who has been trying to build up a stream of money from internet publishing etc over the last few years, it will very likely never produce a pot of gold. But £2-3 or $5 a day is entirely achievable, and that is £1000 a year.

How good do you feel right now? 

How good does making a difference feel - let's find out together!

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