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Monday, 19 April 2010

My only "Son"shine!

A couple of days have passed since my last blog entry, but don't worry I'm back, refreshed from a long weekend break and raring to go, just that little bit busy again with work today.

A warm welcome to any new readers and followers - it's very encouraging to see people stopping by even when I'm away. My target of 300 followers by the end of the year is looking very achievable with nearly 50 followers in all now, more than half of which have joined in the last week or so. Please keep the comments coming and get in touch about any special charities you would like me to support. I've already got at least 3 more charities suggested by fellow writers out there that I'll be highlighting in the next couple of weeks.

As there's only time for a short piece today, I decided to have a quick trawl around the web to find a quote or two to help lift the gloom of the start of another working week. My favourite one that sums up the spirit of this blog comes from the late Dr Leo Buscaglia (1924 –1998)...an author and Professor at the University of California who was also affectionately known simply as Dr Love.

"Don't spend your precious time asking 'Why isn't the world a better place?' It will only be time wasted. The question to ask is 'How can I make it better?' To that there is an answer."

Then again, sometimes when I’m looking for real inspiration, rather than go trawling around for inspired quotes and insights from the great and the good on this planet, I find the answer much closer to home. When seen through my son's fresh, imaginative mind, suddenly the world seems a very different and much simpler place.
Here's a few of my absolute favourites:

“I’m not a lazy lump...I’m a tired lump!"

"Mummy you are delicious, Daddy you are tasty, granny you are a haddock!"

“Daddy, my nose has just done a trump”

“Grannie's hat is on to keep her ear wig in” (she has a hearing aid!)

“I’m decoratoring beautifully mummy” says he as he put up the baubles on the christmas tree

"Daddy stop reading with your mouth full."

“When I’m a big daddy like you I’m going to be strong, tall, and messy”

When asked what does daddy do all day, he replied in my defence “Daddy does mess!”

But even at his cheekiest, somehow always manages to redeem himself....

“I’ve got the best family in the whole world ever”



  1. Love the 'granny you are a haddock' quote- children are genius! There seems to be a lot of inspiring stuff here. keep it up! =)

  2. Yes, you can never second guess his thinking process - he does like his fish though so granny wasn't too despondent!

  3. Children are all poets. They use words so imaginatively.

  4. The lump quote was a good one. I liked it a lot...so dont get surprised if u find that sometime in my posts...:)
    And ur target of 500 is something...it inspires me too.....i qm not good wth numbers...hope u do good.

  5. Thanks Marty - it really is something the natural freedom they have to choose their words without being restrained by norms and conventions - having said that he does like to say poo, trump and wee a fair amount :)

  6. Cheers Garf!

    he's quickly picked up on the tired "get out of jail free card" option when he gets in a pickle at the end of a day.

    Will keep posting regular updates on progress towards the target - hopefully will achieve $1500 a year, certainly a lot of good causes coming through to support which only spurs me on all the more!

  7. I'm a tired lump too! - Lol!!! Everyone is born creative... Its just that the creativity becomes rusty as we grow up!

    Good refreshing quotes and thoughts! Will recommend ur blog to frnds, not jst for the heck of it, but since u make sense... Good luck wid ur target!

    - M

  8. Nice one Maulik, really appreciate your support and spreading the word to your friends.

    So true that somehow we lose that sense of wonder that a child has naturally, as we make our way through the "adult" world, its so important to stay in touch with that creativity!

  9. 'Daddy does mess' - how cute is that! :)
    About followers.
    Most of my readers have subscribed my feed, they are not 'following' me in the traditional Blogger way...
    Also I have people hopping in from Twitter.
    In my opinion quality is better than quantity. For me interaction is more important than the numbers...How would it feel to have 3.000 followers/readers but only one or two comments?
    I don't know - how about you?

    Have a great day!


  10. Hi Blogitise - I absolutely agree with you - its the comments and the interaction that make these places work - if thousands are following silently you never really know if you are really connecting or not !

  11. Great!
    I hope you'll get more readers via my blogs and our tribes will grow... :)


  12. Fantastic -when everyone's networks comes together it's amazing what can be achieved!

  13. Have you heard of Casa Alianza? I donate a little to several charities by monthly direct debit (all for children - they are the future!) and this is one of them. Here's a link - I think it's worthy of promotion.


  14. Thanks very much Soulcrafter!

    I hadn't heard of the charity before, just taken a look now, signed up for the newsletter and I will certainly write a piece about it in the next week or so. It really breaks my heart to see kids having to survive on the streets like that


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