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Sunday, 11 April 2010

The simple pleasures are always best :)

Just back from a fairly bracing day out with the family over at Skegness, a classic "kiss-me-quick" style British sea side resort.

You know what, despite all the noisy and rip-off funfair and slot machines, it still had all the ingredients of a classic day out at the coast.

Early season means empty beaches, and despite a chilly old wind, it was so nice to just run and chase around my little lad across wide sprawling stretches of golden sands. Just running up and rolling down sand drifts, it doesn't really get much better than that.

Even in amongst the tackiest parts of the central pier amusement area, there was a real old-fashioned carousel of horses- and guess what - that was the only ride he wanted to go on over and over again.

He loved his donkey ride, leading the charge, then rounded the day off dipping toes in the icy wash of the incoming tide and putting his home made flag on a good old fashioned sandcastle.

Throw in some fish chips and mushy peas, a tray of seafood and an ice-cream treat, let all the fresh air in, lie back and look at the crystal blue sky. Happy days!

So renewed energy to take us into another week. Just to give you a heads-up on the next couple of blog topics, I plan to move on from "life savouring" to life saving - simple things that can make such a massive difference like giving blood and putting your name on the organ donation register. I'll also recount my own experiences of becoming a "Baywatch wannabee", when I trained to be a lifeguard.

Later in the week I plan to give a first snapshot of where I'm up to on the donations of online earnings front, certainly hoping to have well over £80 cleared by the end of this first month. Every penny counts!

Thanks again for all your support, and a warm welcome to all my new followers from this last week


  1. It is indeed so nice to be at the beach when it is spring. I do not know why, but the air seems to be fresher to me. Good luck again with everything, Paul!

  2. Thanks Ellen, it was certainly fresh in the coastal winds on Sunday - really exhilarating though!


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