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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Maundy Thursday magicdarts style - with Miles of Smiles

Every year in the UK on the last Thursday before Easter also known as Maundy Thursday, there is a long established tradition, whereby the Queen of England hands out money to people who work for good causes. As it happens , she's not too far from me here in the East Midlands, as she's in Derby today.

Anyway it has given me a very timely reminder that it's time I went through my various online survey and cashback sites to see what existing funds there are ready for cash out so I can get the donations rolling.

I've also found in interesting to see which of these sites allow you to donate your funds directly from their website to charities. The long established cashback co-operatives are very good for this - take for example Quidco , they have links available to donate to pretty much any of the UK registered charities, plus if the charity you want to support is not listed, you can email them to ask for it to be added.

Unfortunately with some sites, you do have to get to the minimum cash out threshold first before you can make donations, and in some cases the only option you have is to request the money first, and then pay out once it's cleared in your funds, but in the end I figure however gradually it comes in, it will all make a difference.

Another one of my fellow writers from dooyoo has been in touch this morning about a brilliant charity that supports children with disabilities called "miles for smiles" link : http://miles-of-smiles.org.uk/ which provides much needed care for her little grandson. It's a small regional charity that has really struggled for funding during the recession, so I'm more than happy to give it any extra promotion that I can.
The lady in question has kindly given me her permission to publish an extract from the deeply moving message she wrote to me - I think you'll agree it's much more powerful and personal than anything I could write here

"I just wanted to mention a charity very close to my heart, Kent Kids, Miles of Smiles. They are a Kent based children's charity, who have supported my young grandson, Miles Griffiths, for over 18 months. Miles was born with spastic quadriplegia, he is 8 this year but cannot sit, mobilise, speak or even swallow due to his condition. 

He is fed via a jejunostomy tube into his bowel (as his stomach does not work) and his care needs are so great that my daughter was unable to continue caring for him at home. She has two other children and was becoming ill with the sheer hard work involved after 6 years care giving with little or no help. 

It was heart-breaking for us all as I am sure you can imagine. Kent Kids stepped in and took Miles into 'Footprints' their residential centre, they supported him financially until Social Services decided to fund him...another story altogether!

We try to do our bit for the charity and support their fundraising ventures, but as you can imagine the current recession has hit the charity's donations very hard. If you would consider highlighting Kent Kids on your blog, I would be very grateful."

Once again, I appeal to anyone out there , particularly those of you with personal links to UK registered charities to get in touch. I promise to do whatever I can to highlight them on this blog - it's what it is here for.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting this charity, they deserve as much help as they can get.


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